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Build Full-Stack from Prototype to Production

Model everything in TypeScript, deploy directly from git to our hosted environment. No database to manage, no "devops", no complex cloud topologies. Scaling, security and compliance are built in, so even your prototypes are production ready. Rapid Application Development cranked up to 11.

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How It Works

diagram describing how ChiselStrike works presented horizontally
diagram describing how ChiselStrike works presented vertically

Define your models and API logic using simple TypeScript definitions.


Develop and test locally using all of the platform features.


When ready, push to a designated git branch, and your code is live.

Choose Your Frontend Platform

ChiselStrike hosts your backend endpoints and data. You can choose any of your favorite frontend frameworks and Content Delivery Networks to power your presentation layer.

Image showing different frontend frameworks including: netlify, angular, react, gatsby and vercel

“an easy way to build complete backends”

“Code and data are moving to the edge together. ChiselStrike gives web developers an easy way to build complete backends at the edge for blazing fast user experiences. ChiselStrike and Gatsby together help you build brilliant sites in record time.”

Kyle Mathews

Founder and CTO | Gatsby

“it allows me to offload what I'm not good at”

“The best code is the code you don't have to maintain. This is especially true for code outside of your domain of expertise. As a front-end developer, the less backend code I have to write, the better. This is what makes ChiselStrike so powerful. It allows me to offload what I'm not good at - things like database management, server distribution, and data compliance - so I can focus on what I am good at, building user interfaces. I see it as the next iteration of Baas.”

Tyler McGinnis

Founder of

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