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Sometimes we have a choice in life: pick some off-the-shelf component, and fit ourselves to it, or have something custom-made and pay a premium. That’s because building a custom-made component takes skill, time, and effort. Today, no one expects a single color option when buying a car. As technology evolves, we create languages and protocols to specify our desires and customize our products. We don’t need to build a completely new assembly line each time.

“You can have the Model-T in any color, so long as it is black”
Henry Ford

We believe JAMstack developers today deserve their backends to come in many colors – however, they’re forced to choose between the black Model-T or a custom paint job. Pick a one-size-fits-all solution and adapt to it, or spend countless engineering hours and cultivate specialized skill in designing, creating and maintaining your backend. ChiselStrike allows JAMstack developers to instantly create a custom, scalable backend that perfectly fits the frontend. No schema design, no technology dilemmas, no database setup, no management. All completely serverless – the way it should be. Simply write your code in Typescript and ChiselStrike creates your production ready backend.

The Founding Team

Our team has decades of experience in building low-level core infrastructure like the Linux Kernel, Distributed NoSQL databases and search engines.

Photo of Glauber Costa, Co-founder of ChiselStrike

Glauber Costa

Glauber started his career working with the Linux Kernel (where he met Pekka). Through companies like IBM and Red Hat, he worked with Virtualization technology, storage and containers. He then spent almost a decade at ScyllaDB, serving as VP of Field Engineering and designing core features of the database. Right before ChiselStrike, Glauber worked as a Staff Engineer at Datadog, where he authored the Glommio Rust async executor.

Photo of Dejan Mircevski, Co-founder of ChiselStrike

Dejan Mircevski

Dejan was an early employee at Endeca, the search engine that invented faceted search. He went on to be a Staff SWE at Google, an entrepreneur, and the author of the RamFuzz system for automatic generation of C++ unit tests. He met Glauber and Pekka while consulting at ScyllaDB and immediately recognized elements of a winning team.

Photo of Pekka Enberg, Co-founder of ChiselStrike

Pekka Enberg

Pekka was an early employee at ScyllaDB, a company initially working on an operating system OSv before pivoting to Apache Cassandra compatible distributed database product. Today, Pekka’s interests lie in the intersection of distributed, database, and operating systems. Prior to ScyllaDB, Pekka was a Linux kernel maintainer, contributing to memory management, virtualization, and other areas. Pekka also did back-end development when Java was the primary server-side technology in his past life.

Our Founding Partners

Backing our backend

ChiselStrike is funded and backed by trusted investors who help lead the current technology space.

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Photo of Guillermo Rauch the Founder of Vercel

Guillermo Rauch

Founder of Vercel

Photo of Tom Preston-Werner the Founder of Github

Tom Preston-Werner

Founder of Github

Photo of Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach the Founders of Netlify

Matt Biilmann & Chris Bach

Founders of Netlify

Photo of Paul Dix the Founder of InfluxDB

Paul Dix

Founder of InfluxDB

Photo of Jacob Smith the Co-Founder of Packet

Jacob Smith

Co-Founder of Packet

Photo of Zachary Smith the Co-Founder of Packet

Zachary Smith

Co-Founder of Packet

Photo of Alexander Gallego the Founder of Redpanda

Alexander Gallego

Founder of Redpanda

Photo of Andrew Miklas the Functional Capital Founder
PagerDuty Co-Founder

Andrew Miklas

Functional Capital Founder PagerDuty Co-Founder

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